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GET YOUR RUMP TO “CLUB JUMP”  —>  Please join AAJR at the next “CLUB JUMP” on Friday June 20, 2014 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm at Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church (8600 Academy Rd. NE 87111).  The gym is located on the north end of the Church, so just head around to the north side of the Church for the gym entrance.

We hope to see all of you there…..who knows, you may have what it takes to become a member of AAJR.  All it takes is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!!

Note:  If you would like to see a little video of highlights from our 2013 fall season performances, just click on the YouTube link below:


OLDER NEWS: The 2012 USA Jump Rope’s National Tournament in Long Beach, California was a very positive experience for AAJR.  Please visit our Facebook Page to see the many pictures taken during the tournament.  A summary of AAJR’s Results are below:

20 Top Ten Finishes – A team record!

One First Place Finish

Two Second Place Finishes

Two Third Place Finishes

Three Fourth Place Finishes

Four Sixth Place Finishes

Two Seventh Place Finishes

One Eighth Place Finish

Four Ninth Place Finishes

One Tenth Place Finish

Steven was crowned the USAJR National 12 & Under Male All Around Champion – A first for AAJR.

Sidney qualified for USAJR Grand Nationals – A first for AAJR.

With all that said, accompanied with our performance at the USA Jump Rope’s Region 6 Tournament,  this season was defenitely a success.  Thank you for all of your support.




OLDER OLDER NEWS:We just returned from the USA Jump Rope National Competition held in Galveston, Texas (June 23 through June 26, 2011) where we received 17 Top 10 Finishes!  One of the Top 10 Finishes was a 1st Place in female (11 & 12 year old) one minute speed…..Way to go Allyson Jackson!!…How does it feel to be the best in the nation?

Allyson Jackson – 1st Place in Female Single Rope Speed 11 and 12 Year Old Age Group

Please see the two new videos below.  One is a quick highlight of our USAJR Regional Competition held in Louisville, Colorado, the other is a documentary of AAJR that one of our jumpers made.

Competitive Jump Rope

At Albuquerque Air, we take jump rope to a higher level.  Competitive jump rope is sweeping the nation and is one of the fastest growing sports for boys and girls.  Jump rope combines strength, flexibility, and endurance and is one of the best sports for overall physical conditioning and agility.
Being successful in jump rope takes good coaching and hard work.  We have combined these qualities with a fun environment so children can reach their full potential as athletes.


Train jumpers to compete at the highest levels of competition on the regional, national and international level.  Develop younger jumpers that love the sport and want to compete.

Who Can Join?

Jumpers of any age that can master 45 basic Level 1 jumping skills, pass an entry level speed test, and are committed to practice with the team.
Attending “CLUB JUMP” is a great way to get information on becoming a member of “Albuquerque Air Jump Rope”.


All of our core jumpers have placed in the top ten in national competitions, with three of our jumpers placing 2nd nationally.

USA Jump Rope Competition Events

  • Single Rope Freestyle
  • Pairs Single Rope Freestyle
  • Single Rope 1 Minute Speed
  • Single Rope 3 Minute Speed
  • Single Rope Speed Relay
  • Double Dutch Freestyle
  • Double Dutch Speed
  • Consecutive Triple Unders

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